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Eye of the Storm...

Road BlogPosted by Lee Jones Mon, August 12, 2013 15:13:53
A hectic few months of live playing - after finishing the Little Shop of Horrors run at the Courtyard, I've been busy performing widely with my own trio (highlights of which have included the Wales Millennium Centre and Newcastle-under-Lyme jazz weekend), George Montague at Cheltenham Jazz Festival, ACP Festival and Gloucester food festival in addition to various dates with JC Jazz, VIP and of course 'SONGS FROM THE 13TH HOUR - LIVE'. Our recent dates at Stratford Jazz and Ray's Jazz at Foyles will probably conclude promotion of this project as the focus now draws towards the third studio release. We've had some great sessions so far and hope to begin mastering the album properly around November. All being well, I'm hopeful of an early 2015 release which will include the new website. However, I will be focusing more upon media coverage, youtube videos and radio airplay just for the time being rather than live dates due to the costs and effectiveness of recent touring. Additionally, returning to Uni for post-grad research study next year will absorb most of my budget! It doesn't help that I now know what a £200 dental filling looks like too :/ Anyway, moving on... upcoming dates for 2013 include further work with my own trio plus JC Jazz and VIP. Gang show 2014 dates have also been added to the live dates page...

Another Spicy Spring...

Road BlogPosted by Lee Jones Sun, April 14, 2013 22:52:56
Great gig at Ray's Jazz in London the other week; currently trying to arrange a return visit later this year. We had a very inspiring and wonderful recording session with trombonist Dennis Rollins on Thursday, who is contributing to two of the tracks for the forthcoming third album.

Elsewhere, there are many live shows coming up over the next few weeks, starting with 'Little Shop of Horrors' run at the courtyard, followed by appearances at Cheltenham Jazz Festival as a sideman for George Montague, a SFTTH date at the The Chapel, Stratford Jazz in addition to JC jazz dates and various other line ups.

I'm writing some new compositions that explore different areas of the guitar, improvisation and musical form which I'm hoping to pursue as a future project too...there will be getaway break at some point after all this...

$3.20! :/

Road BlogPosted by Lee Jones Fri, March 22, 2013 16:32:15
Another inspiring link my brother recently sent about about reversing the effects of desertification by Allan Savory

LAJ 3 progress is going fairly well, slowly but surely as per usual. We have another couple of months worth of editing sessions and final mixing/mastering to follow. Cool little gig at the Cafe Jazz, Cardiff the other night - good to reunite with Dayne Cranenburg and Ian Russell. Elsewhere, busy preparatory work for 'Little Shop of Horrors' and SFTTH London date in April. Lots of upcoming JC jazz stuff too. I'm working on a PhD proposal in music for 2014, a new direction is on the cards.

Tick Tock...

Road BlogPosted by Lee Jones Sat, March 02, 2013 20:42:45
Fairly positive start to year. Very good progress with LAJ 3, it now looks like the guitar tracking is essentially done. We have upcoming sessions with the superb Dennis Rollins, Rab Handleigh and Andrew Shillingford over the next few weeks. Nice crowd at The Daffodil gig too today. Upcoming rehearsals for LSOH. Private teaching picking up. I feel much more needs to be done if this ever stands a chance of becoming a sustainable career but time will tell. In the meantime I'll keep chucking out random albums :p

2013 Live Dates...

Road BlogPosted by Lee Jones Tue, December 18, 2012 00:17:03

2013 Current Gig Schedule....

More to come soon on Live Dates Page

26/01/2013 – Lyde Court, Hereford w/ JC Jazz 6.00PM

02/03/2013 – The Daffodil, Cheltenham 12.30PM

02/04/2013 – Ray’s Jazz at Foyles, London 6.00PM

13/04/2013 – Hereford Town Hall w/ JC Jazz 7.00PM

23/04/2013 - Little Shop of Horrors, Courtyard Theatre, Hereford 7.30PM

24/04/2013 - Little Shop of Horrors, Courtyard Theatre, Hereford 7.30PM

25/04/2013 - Little Shop of Horrors, Courtyard Theatre, Hereford 7.30PM

26/04/2013 - Little Shop of Horrors, Courtyard Theatre, Hereford 7.30PM

27/04/2013 - Little Shop of Horrors, Courtyard Theatre, Hereford 2.30PM

27/04/2013 - Little Shop of Horrors, Courtyard Theatre, Hereford 7.30PM

04/05/2013 – Courtyard Cafe Bar, Hereford 12.00PM

08/05/2013 – Stratford Jazz at The Chapel 8.00PM

27/05/2013 – Blakey’s Cafe Bar, Newcastle-under-Lyme 4.00PM TBC

13/07/2013 – Private Function, Letchlade-on-Thames w/ JC Jazz 5.30PM

Dear Old Stockholm...

Road BlogPosted by Lee Jones Sun, December 16, 2012 17:23:55
This week I received confirmation of passing PTLLS. I have also been recording a local school choir for BBC R2 Chris Evans Breakfast Show. Final VIP and JC jazz gigs of the year went pretty well too... one being a rather 'mysterious' event - I can say no more! :x I'm also advised I have to make reference in this blog about how great this place is: - maybe I'll try and get a gig there :o

The season for Glögg...

Road BlogPosted by Lee Jones Fri, November 30, 2012 00:20:45
smiley A modest but highly appreciative crowd at the Blakey's trio gig the other night.

Couple more final dates for this year with JC jazz and VIP.

Had an enjoyable recording session at Kidderminster college earlier this week for some of the level 4 student projects.

I'm also planning an adult evening guitar class at my local college in the new year.

Nearly finished my PTLLS course on the teaching front too.

SFTTH 2013 dates: 02/04/2013: Ray's Jazz at Foyles, London 6.00PM GMT, 08/05/2013: Stratford Jazz at The Chapel, 8.00PM. More dates to follow.

Will be prepping material for our upcoming LAJ 3 sessions over the coming between festivities...

Earth to Lee...

Road BlogPosted by Lee Jones Sat, November 03, 2012 12:52:03
Well, things are starting to wind down after a pretty busy year; the live front has been active; I've been gigging with my own quintet, having recently returned from playing Marsden Jazz Festival (and now have two new sidelights on my car courtesy of Staffordshire constabulary). Other highlights have included working with the Ed Gauden Quartet at Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton and a really cool gig with Dom Frank's Strayhorn at Peter Gill's wonderful new Venue Jazz club, Worcestershire.

Simon Tittley and I are busy in the studio working on LAJ 3, we've routined the majority of the album and we're looking forward to working with some great talents next year. I'm interested in trying to do more work with licensing these three albums and also currently liaising with a top US publicist. So, I'm looking at some new directions to try to sustain my art!

Elsewhere, I enjoyed an overdue break down near Bournemouth a couple of weeks ago. My brother has got me into a new programme called 'The Newsroom' and I'm currently reading Ron Paul's 'End the Fed' book - something I would certainly subscribe to.

JC jazz have just finished a new recording project after a busy summer residency at Aylestone court too. I will be performing live with my own trio at Blakey's Cafe Bar, Newcastle-under-Lyme on 18th. Some new dates for 2013 are in too, I will be playing with my own trio at the Courtyard Cafe Bar 4th May 2013 and playing in the house band there for the 'Little Shop of Horrors' production in April. There will also be a couple SFTTH dates around that time too so keep an eye on the page.

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