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Road BlogPosted by Lee Jones Sat, November 03, 2012 12:52:03
Well, things are starting to wind down after a pretty busy year; the live front has been active; I've been gigging with my own quintet, having recently returned from playing Marsden Jazz Festival (and now have two new sidelights on my car courtesy of Staffordshire constabulary). Other highlights have included working with the Ed Gauden Quartet at Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton and a really cool gig with Dom Frank's Strayhorn at Peter Gill's wonderful new Venue Jazz club, Worcestershire.

Simon Tittley and I are busy in the studio working on LAJ 3, we've routined the majority of the album and we're looking forward to working with some great talents next year. I'm interested in trying to do more work with licensing these three albums and also currently liaising with a top US publicist. So, I'm looking at some new directions to try to sustain my art!

Elsewhere, I enjoyed an overdue break down near Bournemouth a couple of weeks ago. My brother has got me into a new programme called 'The Newsroom' and I'm currently reading Ron Paul's 'End the Fed' book - something I would certainly subscribe to.

JC jazz have just finished a new recording project after a busy summer residency at Aylestone court too. I will be performing live with my own trio at Blakey's Cafe Bar, Newcastle-under-Lyme on 18th. Some new dates for 2013 are in too, I will be playing with my own trio at the Courtyard Cafe Bar 4th May 2013 and playing in the house band there for the 'Little Shop of Horrors' production in April. There will also be a couple SFTTH dates around that time too so keep an eye on the page.